Stormwater and Green Infrastructure

Pollution from stormwater run-off, also known as non-point source pollution - can negatively impact water quality and ecosystem health and has the potential to increase flood flows and infrastructure damage during precipitation events. The County, like many others in New York, is required to implement the NYSDEC’s MS4 Stormwater program. The Department helps to coordinate this program and aims to do so in a way that not only ensures the County’s regulatory compliance but also provides technical support to other regulated municipalities in the County. Successful implementation of this program helps to protect our valuable water resources and helps to prevent flood damage.

Ulster County Stormwater Management Program Plan (revised 2022)

The Draft 2023 MS4 Stormwater Annual Report is available for review. To comment, please e-mail stormwater[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us

Storm Drain

Ulster County Stormwater Hotline: (845) 334-8510
or email to stormwater[at]co.ulster.ny[dot]us - if you wish to report pollution discharges such as intentional dumping of trash, yard waste, used motor oil, paint, or other pollutants into a storm drain, ditch, pond, lake, or stream; sanitary sewer overflows; discharges of sediments from construction sites into storm drains or tracked onto public roadways; suspected illegal dumping sites. 

NYS DEC Stormwater Program
US EPA Stormwater Program
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