Healthy Ulster Radio




Healthy Ulster Radio is produced by the Ulster County Department of Health, in association with Pamal Broadcasting.

The Program Host and Producer is Vincent Martello, Director of Community Health Relations.

Healthy Ulster Radio explores community health and wellness in all of its dimensions and features interviews with guests representing organizations that are working to improve community wellness and sustainability and advance Ulster County's goal of becoming the healthiest county in New York State.

Healthy Ulster Radio airs on the following radio stations, at the days and times noted:

7:00AM - SATURDAY  ON  WBPM  92.9  96.5  1260AM  1420AM

7:30AM -  SUNDAY  ON  WGHQ   92.5  920AM





Programs will also be posted here as soon as they become available.

If you would like to suggest a guest who you believe would have something interesting to contribute or if you have a comment or question, please send an email to HealthyUlsterRadio[at]gmail[dot]com


Click here for Archived Shows 1-200


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 201 - an interview with Steve Miccio, CEO of People USA,  a peer-run mental health nonprofit that creates, provides, and promotes its own, innovative crisis response and  wellness services


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 202 - an overview of the programs and services offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 203 - a discussion of Cervical Cancer and Cervical Cancer Awareness, with Dr. Ashanda Saint-Jean from Health Alliance/WMC Hospital System


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 204 - a review of NYS Tobacco Prevention Policy with Susan Lennon from the Center for Tobacco Free Hudson Valley


Health Ulster Radio Show 205 - a discussion on heart disease and Heart Health Month


Health Ulster Radio Show 206 - an overview of Cornell Cooperative Extension's Farm-to-School Program


Health Ulster Radio Show 207 - a discussion on Food Insecurity and Reducing Food Waste with the team from HV Agribusiness Development Corp.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 208 - a review of the Environmental Justice work, and initiatives,  at Catskill Mountain Keeper


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 209 - a behind-the-scenes look at maintaining a safe and healthy environment at Children's Camps


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 210 - a discussion on maintaining and promoting safe streets for all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 211 - an overview of the multitude of programs and services offered by the UC Veteran's Services Agency


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 212 - an overview of the programs and services offered by the UC Office for the Aging


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 213 - an overview of the Institute for Family Health's Family Services Program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 214 - a discussion of the role of Harm Reduction in helping to save the lives of people who use drugs


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 215 - an overview of Jewish Family Service's programs and services for older adults and elder abuse prevention


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 216 - a discussion on rabies prevention and awareness 


Health Ulster Radio Show 217 - an overview of the Adult Education programs and classes offered by Ulster BOCES


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 218 - a discussion with Scott Curry, from Independent Living, Inc., a nonprofit organization that works to lower overdose rates with an emphasis on people with disabilities


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 219 - Health and Wellness for the College Community and Beyond


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 220 - a discussion on the national housing crisis and innovative solutions in Ulster County


Health Ulster Radio Show 221 - the mental health crisis and what Ulster County is doing to address it with UC Commissioner of MH, Tara MacDonald and Deputy Commissioner, Katrina Huller-Williams


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 222 - the present and future of SUNY New Paltz, with its new President Darell P. Wheeler


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 223 - a review of Ballot Proposition 1/the NYS Clean Air, Clean Water, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act with Kate Kurera, Deputy Director of Environmental Advocates NY


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 224 - an update on Ulster County's Green New Deal and Climate Adaptation and Planning, with Europa McGovern from the Ulster County Department of the Environment


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 225 - a discussion of the Green Economy and green business and job opportunities, with representatives of Sustainable Hudson Valley


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 226 - coping with rising energy and utility costs, with guests from the Public Utility Project and Communities for Local Power


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 227 - preventing youth and adult tobacco use, with representatives from American Lung Association's/Center for Tobacco-Free Hudson Valley


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 228 - addressing the housing crisis locally, regionally, and nationally with Mike Kingsella, CEO of Up for Growth


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 229 - COVID vaccinations for children with Pediatrician, Dr. Martha Smith from the Institute for Family Health


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 230 - a discussion of the opioid epidemic and its history  from the new book "We're Overdosed" by author Barry Gold


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 231 - the health risks of radon exposure in people's homes, and how to test for and mitigate it, with Cynthia Costello, Chief, Radiological Emergency Response and Environmental Radiation/NYS Department of Health; Bureau of Environmental Radiation Protection


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 232 - a discussion of food insecurity in Ulster County with Epidemiologist and Ulster County Legislator, Eve Walter PhD


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 233 - heart health and preventing heart disease with Cardiologist, Dr. Ellis Lader, Medical Director of the Cardiology, WMC/Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 234 - a discussion of the New Start for Women Program, which helps income-qualified women get a 1-year SUNY Ulster Business Certificate at no cost


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 235 - a discussion with County Executive Jen Metzger on her Executive Order creating Ulster County's New Climate Agenda, the boldest in NYS


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 236 - Finding Nutrition and Wellness Opportunities with People's Place, in Kingston


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 237- an overview of new Medicare updates and the Medicare Savings program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 238 - expanded food and nutrition services under the FNAP Program


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 239 - a discussion about Food Insecurities Among Seniors, with a leading Nutritionist from the UC Office for the Aging


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 240 - an overview of emergency services in Ulster County, with the UC Emergency Management Team. 


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 241- an interview with NYS Assemblymember Sarahana Shrestha on what NYS is doing, and planning to do, to lead the nation in slowing climate change.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 242 - an overview of veterans services, benefits and resources available through the Ulster County Veteran's Services Agency


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 243 - an overview of Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention and Treatment, with Dr. Gigi Madore, Medical Director of the Emergency Department at WMCHealth’s HealthAlliance Hospital in Kingston, NY.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 244 - an overview of Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit organization that helps income qualified seniors with important repair and maintence of their homes. Rebuilding Together is expanding to serve Ulster County.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 245 - a discussion with the team at Kingston Eats, a programs of the City of Kingston, that educates and connect residents with healthy food through fun, food related events.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 246- an overview of Medicare plans and options with a Medicare Specialist from Ulster County Office for the Aging


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 247 - Vascular Disease Prevention and Treatment, with Dr. Joseph Fulton, Chief of Vascular Surgery at WMC Health's Health Alliance Hospital in Kingston, NY.


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 248 - Women's Cancer Prevention, Treatment and Support Services available at WMC Health's Health Alliance Hospital


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 249 - Diabetes Prevention and Treatment, with Miranda Aitken, MS, RNC, CDCES, Certified Diabetes Educator, Program Coordinator at HealthAlliance Hospital, in Kingston, NY


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 250 - Youth Substance Use Awareness, Education and Prevention with Susan Baxter, Director of Ulster Prevention Council


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 251 - an exploration of the health and behavioral health programs and services offered by Ellenville Regional Rural Health Network


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 252 - a discussion about suicide prevention with representatives of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 253 - Women's Cancer Prevention with Dr. Ashanda Saint Jean from WMC Health's Health Alliance Hospital


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 254 - an overview of the new Diabetes Prevention Program at YMCA Kingston and Ulster


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 255 - an overview of the service provided by American Red Cross/Hudson Valley Chapter


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 256 - a discussion and overview of Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease and how it can be prevented, managed and treated


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 257 - a special edition broadcast of Healthy Ulster Radio on the subject of gun violence as a public health crisis. The show features an interview and discussion with Lisa Geller, Senior Advisor for Implementation at the world renowned Johns Hopkins University/Bloomberg School of Public Health's Center for Gun Violence Solutions. During the program, Lisa shares survey findings, research and insights on how all Americans from all walks of life, political persuasions, and gun ownership or not, can find common ground and work together to help keep our communities and loved ones safe


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 258 - an overview of treatment and prevention measures related to cardiovascular/heart health, with Dr. Falak Shah, Interventional Cardiologist and Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, at Health Alliance Hospital in Kingston, NY


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 259 - exploring available and developing technology and innovation for addressing and treating heart disease, with Cardiologist, Dr. Rhadames Rojas


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 260 - a review of the programs and services available at Institute for Family Health's new healthcare center located on Pine Street, in Kingston, NY


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 261 - a spotlight on Mental Health Awareness and Training Programs available at Health Alliance Hospital, in Kingston, NY


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 262 - (unavailable at this time)


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 263 - an exploration of The Senior Community Service and Employment Program that helps seniors (55+) find meaningful work serving others in the community


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 264 - a program focused on American Heart Association's Heart Health Walk on the Walkway Over the Hudson, with Chair Steve Kelly, CEO of Ellenville Regional Hospital


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 265 - a discussion on Youth Mental Health and Social Media, with Dr. Yann Poncin, Medical Director of Youth Services, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, and Assistant Professor at the Child Study Center at the Yale University/School of Medicine (part of May/Mental Health Awareness Month)


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 266 - May is Women's Health Month and our guest, Dr. Ashanda Saint Jean, Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, at Health Alliance Hospital, in Kingston highlights what women can do to improve their overall health and wellbeing


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 267 - a review of pending NYS legislation introduced by Assemblymember Sarhana Shrestha and NYS Senator Michelle Hinchey that would transform Central Hudson into the publicly owned, Hudson Valley Public Power Authority


Healthy Ulster Radio Show 268 - the topic is Plastic Pollution and its impact on our environment, our health, and its connection to climate change. Our guest is the Health Policy Director, Megan Wolff, Ph.D., MPH